Dog Training

Positive Reinforcement Training schedules for rewards.

What are the available reinforcement schedules for positive reinforcement training? The reinforcement schedules are Continuous Reinforcement Schedule (CRF) and intermittent reinforcement schedules, which is subdivided into Fixed Ratio schedules (FR), Variable Ratio Schedules (VR), Fixed Interval Schedules (FI), Variable Interval Schedules (VI), Fixed Duration Schedules (FD) and Variable Duration Schedules (VD). You do, I Pay! […]

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Building our dog’s attention

Our dog’s attention is the foundation for all training. Building the focus and attention of our dogs is the foundation on which learning can take place. Without our dog’s attention, no teaching is likely to take place. Instead, they will be distracted by other things around them. I divide this into two types of attention

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Distracted dogs and attention

One of the common questions I get asked is: How do I get my distracted dog’s attention? When training our distracted dogs to give attention and perform a new behaviour on cue, there are several basic principles to consider for an efficient and effective training program. These include the environment where we choose to train,

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Efficient Dog Training

How to train our dogs effectively? The Rule of Five (not so much a rule but a perfect system) How to create efficient progress training with your dog. When training a behaviour with our dog, we need to know when to push our dogs and when to make it easier for them. How can we

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