Puppy Training Classes in Waterlooville

Six Classes | Outdoor Training Venue | Cost £80

Who is the course designed for?

Puppies between the ages of 13 to 24 weeks at the start of the course
Puppies that have their complete vaccinations and can go outdoors

What is in the course?

Six Group Classes
In-person training at our outdoor venue in Denmead
Maximum of four puppies per course.
Handling Skills
Understanding your puppy’s body language
Building your puppy’s loose lead walking, recall, sits and downs, attention to you and other general life skills

Developing your puppy’s basic skills

Your puppy started learning from you when you picked them up, whether they were learning life skills or good manners. They will be observing and learning from your responses. During the course, we will continue training and progressing their daily life skills, such as recall, lead walking, attention to you, sitting, down, grooming and manners.

Preventing unwanted behaviours

During the course and in the home study support course, you will gain insight and understanding of your young dog’s motivations. This will help you to prevent unwanted behaviours from being reinforced by mistake.

Understanding and using modern positive reward puppy training

Learn how to use and avoid common mistakes with positive reward training and help build solid behaviours.

Manners and self-control

Learn how to read your puppy’s body language and what motivates that unwanted behaviour. Learn management and training skills to train your puppy to control themselves.

Raise your questions

During each class, you can discuss any issues you have at home.

Cost of Course £80

Our Happy Clients!

Iain is an excellent trainer. His calm personable manner helps you to feel relaxed and able to take on board his suggestions.

He has a great wealth of knowledge and is always happy to help if you have questions that are not part of the weeks training. This is our 3rd puppy and we only wish we had found him sooner and used him for our other 2-we learned so much more with him and are using our new knowledge with the other 2 older dogs now and getting great results.

Google Review

Samantha Kestle

I needed help with basic puppy training, for polite and obedient dog. We met with Iain, who was great… With pup and Me… I got bit emotional as I was so desperate to get things right. Iain didn’t seem fazed at all, calmed me, gave me the confidence to carry on.

My pup loved him, and we have carried on with training at home. I took on board lots of tips Iain shared and he was happy to answer all my random doggy questions.
I am so happy I met with him and he’s been in contact to see how things are going.
Definitely recommend highly.

Google Review

Dawn “Dee” Febre

Iain’s training was extremely helpful and easy to transfer from being at the training to home life.

I have noticed a huge change in the behaviour of my puppy throughout the course.

Google Review

Josh Merluk

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my puppy need their vaccinations before attending?

Yes, the puppy intermediate course is held at our outdoor venue in Denmead. Your puppy will need to have completed their vaccinations before attending.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We check the weather forecast the day before each scheduled class. If the weather is predicted to be unsuitable for training, we will check the availability of the covered training arena. If available, the class will be run under cover. If, however, the arena is not available, we will postpone training that week and continue the course from the following week.

What do I need to bring to class?

Your puppy in their flat collar (and body harness if you have one) and standard lead. Lots of treats, both high and low value. Their favourite tug toy and grooming equipment (third class only)

Are there class note handouts for each class?

We have gone one further for you. Your Client Portal will give you access to additional course information, videos and insight for each lesson of your in-person course.

The next available Puppy Course starts Sunday, 5th May

Are the above dates not suitable? The following available courses are below:
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