Reactive Dog Classes in Waterlooville

Three Classes | Outdoor Venue | £60

Two dogs attending reactive dog classes in Waterlooville outdoors in a field with owners

Who is the course designed for?

Dogs that are sensitive and reactive towards other dogs
Dogs that have shown lunging, barking, spinning, snapping and other unwanted behaviours towards other dogs
Dogs of any age

What is in the course?

Three Classes
In-person training at our outdoor venue in Denmead
Two dogs per course
Learning Handling Skills with appropriate equipment
Understanding your dog’s body language
Building your relationship
Increasing your dog’s social skills and confidence
Decreasing your dog’s anxiety and stress

Developing your dog’s social skills and confidence

Reactive dog classes focussed on building core social skills and reducing stress. In each class, there are two dogs, both of whom are working on their sensitivities around other dogs. We support and build their ability to remain relaxed with other dogs in their environment and give them opportunities to learn essential social and problem-solving skills.

What you will learn in your Reactive Dog Classes

You will learn and practice handling skills to support your dog in building confidence around other dogs.

Learning to understand your dog’s body language

During each class, you will learn to read your dog and help prevent unwanted behaviours such as lunging and barking.

Promote alternative behaviour choices.

You will learn how to support your dog to choose alternative behaviours and reward them appropriately.

Understand your dog’s behaviour.

During the classes, we will discuss what motivates our dog’s behaviour and how we can harness that to promote confidence. You will also gain access to the course support online platform for further content to help you.

Cost of Course £60

Our Happy Clients!

Iain was brilliant and gave us the tools we needed to know what to do ourselves and to be able to continue to help and teach our boys to become the best they can be. It is a long road ahead as these things are not a quick fix, but we are so happy that we now feel able to deal with the tricky situations we face when out on walks. Knowing that our boys themselves are happier and more confident because of what Iain taught us really does mean so much to us.

Iain is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He listened to any worries or questions we had and answered them in a clear way. We highly recommend Iain from Positive 4 Paws. If you are in need of someone to help your little furry friend with any problems they may be experiencing, then please contact Iain, and you will not be disappointed.

Google Review

Adela Routledge

Great support from Iain – Thank You!

Google Review

Chris Walker

“I really wish we’d found Iain sooner! He has been exactly what we both needed. Iain is incredibly patient, and his training ethics are COMPLETELY positive based and force-free, which is something very important to me. The guidance and help he has given me has proved very effective, and I can really see Finnick’s confidence grow as we progress…..hopefully, he will bloom back into the social butterfly he was previous to his back injury. I have no doubt that Iain is the right person to help guide us in the right direction!”

Facebook Review

Sarah Griffiths

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for these courses?

The first step is to book your free discussion session with Iain. This session will discuss whether these reactive dog classes are the best option for you and your companion.

If not, other more beneficial options will also be discussed in preparation for your joining at a later date.

We aim to support you and your dog to a new understanding and enable you to transition from stressful reactive behaviour.

Is there a prerequisite to joining a course?

During your discovery discussion, we will decide the best way forward. If your dog is ready for the course, you will book an Intake session at the venue, which is a 1-2-1 session to prepare for the course.

How much does the Intake Session cost?

The sensitive soul intake sessions cost £30 and only need to be attended once.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We check the weather forecast the day before each scheduled class. If the weather is predicted to be unsuitable for training, we will check the availability of the covered training arena. If available, the class will be run under cover. If, however, the arena is not available, we will postpone training that week and continue the course from the following week.

How many 1-2-1 sessions will I need before joining a course?

This depends on the level of reactive behaviour your dog is currently displaying. We set all dogs up to succeed at every stage of their training.

Before joining a reactive dog class course, the minimum will be one intake session. During this initial session, we can discuss your dog’s current needs and create a suitable plan for their individual development.

I cannot make every class on the course, is this ok?

The Reactive Dog course is made up of three classes. The course requires your attendance every week, and it is crucial to your dog’s development not to miss any of the lessons.

Do I need anything for the reactive dog classes?

During the FREE initial session, we will discuss what you will need during the course.

Most of all, your dog needs a suitable body harness. We recommend Perfect Fit by Dog Games or The Lori Stevens Balance Harness. However, any fixed-body harness could be suitable.

We have long lines for use during the class, but you may wish to have one for when you practice between lessons.

Will a course teach my dog to be sociable with other dogs?

No. Reactive dogs cannot suddenly be sociable with all dogs. The skills you both learn during reactive dog classes help you to understand and teach your dog alternative behaviour choices.

Classes are all about you and your dog learning new skills over time and with consistent training. These new skills and behaviour options will gradually increase your dog’s ability and social skills.

Both you and your dog will feel less anxious and more relaxed when walking. over

How quickly will I see my dog’s behaviour change?

This depends on factors such as how long the reactive behaviours have been going on, the level of reactive behaviour, and whether your dog currently has any canine friends.

How many courses will we need to attend?

This depends on what support and practice you and your dog require. On average, clients attend two to three courses with different dogs on each course to help support their training before going onto 1-2-1s in general outdoor areas.

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