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About Me

Hi, I am Iain

I am passionate about helping owners and their dogs understand each other. Promoting non-aversive training methods.

I am committed to continued learning. Constantly attending both training and behaviour workshops and seminars with world-leading specialists. Keeping my knowledge and skills up to date to share with you.

What I Offer

I work with dog’s and their companions. Assisting all types of training and behaviour issues. Offering 1-2-1 and group practical sessions, as well as online video or phone consultations.

Focusing on helping both ends of the lead to understand each other’s needs and behaviour.

Independently accessed

A full assessed member of the APDT UK (01248). Also, proud to be a member of the association’s assessment team for new members.

Full assessed member of the IMDT-Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

Registered animal training instructor with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council.

Live Together, Learn Together and Have Fun Together

Up to Date understanding of Dog Behaviour and Training.

When training is carried out correctly it is fun for all. Whether they have two or four legs. Promoting that special bond between human and dog, we all love.

What my clients say

Great support from Iain – Thank you

Chris Walker

I needed help with basic puppy training, for polite and obedient dog. We met with Iain, who was great… With pup and Me… I got bit emotional as I was so desperate to get things right. Iain didn’t seem fazed at all, calmed me, gave me the confidence to carry on. My pup loved him, and we have carried on with training at home. I took on board lots of tips Iain shared and he was happy to answer all my random doggy questions. I am so happy I met with him and he’s been in contact to see how things are going. Definitely recommend highly.

Dawn “Dee” Febvre

Would recommend to anyone looking for quality valuable advice concerning training for their puppy or dog. I found the training sessions to be extremely helpful in assisting me to put in place the foundations for my puppy for when he progresses through to his adolescent years. I would highly recommend.

Wendy Barnard

Iain was able to provide great puppy training over zoom and we used the strategies he showed us straight away to train our puppy. The training was informative and all for the benefit of our puppy, who is has benefited immensely from his the training course.

Kathleen Williams

Love the Scentwork classes with Iain. Have done the beginner lessons and intermediate lessons too. Luna and Seren absolutely love it, they’re very excited when we pull up in the car as they recognise the place and can’t wait to get started. It’s a great way to tire them out too, both are fast asleep in the car on the way home. Definitely a good way to bond with your doggos.

Nicholas McCaw

I recommended Iain at Positive4paws to my dog walking customer, because we were both experiencing her Labrador having severe fear issues, due to loud noises in November/firework night, to the extent she would refuse to leave the safety of her house, to go for a walk, refused to get in or out of the vehicle. (this had being going on for a couple of months). Iain worked with the lab’s owner and myself, to build up the Lab’s confidence, and to work with her owner so she could use positive reinforcement and confidence building exercises to help the Lab get over her fears and be more relaxed and happy in her home and out side the home. Over the months the lab became more confident and overcame her fears of loud noises. Now 3 months after Ian’s help and guidance the Lab is enjoying her walks, going in and out of vehicles and ignoring any loud noises she hears while on her walks. I can highly recommend Iain. He is a very knowledgeable, kind, experienced, dog trainer and behaviourist.

Jo Preston

Full Assessed Member

Piece of mind that you are making the right choice for you and your companion