Puppy being trained outdoor using a clicker and positive reward training

Puppy Training

If your dog is under 24 weeks old this is the training for you. Learn how your dog learns, understand their behaviours and avoid common mistakes.

1-2-1 and group puppy training designed to help you understand your new family member. Giving them everything they need to help them grow into the best they can be.

Puppy training designed to set you and your puppy up for success.

We are here to help you navigate through your puppy’s early development stages. Creating the building blocks for your future companion.

Golden Retriever Puppy sniffing the floor

Training for puppies of all levels.

We offer a variety of training courses, workshops and one-off sessions.

1-2-1 Private Training

One to one training sessions to focus on your specific goals.

Foundations Course – Online

For puppies between 8 to 12 wks old.

Intermediate Course – In-Person

For puppies between 12 to 20 wks old and have had their full vaccinations.

Puppy Socialising

Help your puppy to learn appropriate play and communication with other dogs.

Your puppy is learning all the time. Even when you think you’re not training.

1-2-1 Private Training with your puppy

When your new puppy arrives at home. Many things can develop quickly, and training starts the moment you collect your new family addition.

Our dogs are always learning whether it is something we want them to learn or not. Training begins when they arrive home with you; the breeder should have started this training for you. Also, prevention is better than cure when it comes to unwanted behaviours.

With preparation and knowledge, we can make our puppies transition towards adulthood as smooth as possible for everyone. Consistency on our part is the key to an enjoyable start to a new life together.

With 1-2-1 training. You will be heading towards success.

1-2-1 training sessions are there to help you get off on the right foot. We will give advice on the basics of house training or puppy toilet training, how puppies learn, exercise and diet.

Another essential factor is getting your puppy used to everyday situations.

Such as what to chew and when, being around children, getting used to periods of being alone without getting distressed and getting used to travelling in vehicles.

Puppies are always learning.

When to start training a puppy? Your puppy is learning from you every moment they are with you, whether you think you are teaching or not.

We will help you learn how not to reinforce unwanted habits or behaviours and to be the consistent teacher your puppy needs you to be.

Starting to train your puppy.

When they arrive home is also the time to begin their basic training of sits, downs, settle, hand touches, leaves.

Other exercises, like Loose lead walking and recall, also starts at this early stage.

All training will be designed to suit both your dogs and your lifestyle and abilities.

They grow up fast!

Very quickly a puppy moves into adolescence and starting the basic foundation puppy training early, is essential for all breeds.

Your puppy is never too young to start their foundation training.

We will help you grow into the best they can be and have fun while you’re doing it.

Puppy outside chewing a yellow leaf
Setting up for success

Meeting your puppy’s needs and training them with positive reward methods

1-2-1 Training Sessions are fifty minutes and cost £50

Specialised courses

Group puppy training courses

Foundations Course

A four week online course for puppies between 8 and 12 weeks old at start of course. Four live video classes via zoom for puppies before they have completed their vaccinations and can not go outside.

Intermediate Course

A four week in-person course at our outdoor venue in Denmead, Hampshire. For puppies over 12 weeks old who have completed their vaccinations and can go outdoors.

Puppy Socialising

Socialisation sessions run on a single session basis giving you the choice on how many you require to suit your needs.

Popular Options

Foundations Course

Four forty minute group classes building your puppy’s early training before they can leave the house. Course Cost £50

Intermediate Course

Four fifty minute group classes focussing on your puppy’s basic obedience and puppy skills. Course Cost £60

Puppy 1-2-1 Training

One to One puppy training sessions to suit your goals and family. Cost £50 per 50 minute session.