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Need to train your companion the necessary social skills they require for everyday life?

Alternatively, do you have a behaviour issue that you need help with?

Dog training has changed dramatically over the past decade.


Ensure you get the best for both you as a dog owner and your companion by using modern science positive reward-based style of dog training.

A practical relationship-focused approach that provides lasting results.

Positive 4 Paws Dog Training Hampshire

Dog Training

Training for everyday life skills and beyond. Whether you are looking to teach your dog to sit or all-round basic obedience training.

We offer both 1-2-1 training and dog training classes.

Dogs of all ages are welcome whether they are a recent rescue dog or have lived with you for years.

Positive 4 Paws Dog Training Hampshire

Behaviour Problems

Having problems with your dog's behaviour? We're here to help! Is your dog being aggressive?

A large number of behaviour issues in dogs are caused by anxiety and fear. The underlying reasons could be due to lack of life experience or previous bad experiences.

Jack Russell Puppy Dog Training
Positive 4 Paws Dog Training Hampshire

Puppy Training

Teaching our puppies how to act and react to everyday life events and more.

Puppy training classes when well organised, also offer great puppy socialisation opportunities.

Positive 4 Paws Dog Training Hampshire


We see the world our dog's smell the world. Scent detection and tracking are great fun for all.

Not only is it a fantastic form of mental enrichment for our dogs. It helps build a relationship between us and our dogs based on trust and companionship.

Will this suit your dog?


Non-aversive methods of dog training are successfully used to train any breed or age of the dog.

Dog’s are very efficient with their energy. Positive reward training uses your dogs desire to achieve a goal to train the wanted behaviours.

Using techniques that help your dog to have self-confidence and impulse control in everyday life, you will learn to both understand and train your dog.

Dogs learn through association. In other words, all canine behaviour is cued by the environment. Past experiences will affect their current behaviour choices.


It’s important to choose
the right dog trainer to help you.


In contrast, outdated training methods consistently cause increased behaviour issues.

Always check that the person you choose has up to date qualifications and experience.

In addition, is also a member of an organisation that has a robust code of ethics for them to follow, such as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK (APDT-UK) and the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT).


Our usual working area and services available


Our training sessions focus on reward-based training that builds a relationship with your dog.


We offer in-person dog training around Hampshire and the surrounding area:

Dog Training in Portsmouth, Havant & Fareham: In your home or outdoors locations


In your home, outdoors location with a secure field option for dog Training in Chichester:


Dog Training in Waterlooville: In your home, outdoors locations or at one of our venues - Jubilee Hall or Denmead Dog Gym


We also offer online training and behaviour consultations across the country and beyond. Utilising both live and recorded video, online LMS courses with video, quizzes and community forums.


Focused on helping you
to help and train your dog.


I have years of experience working with all types of training and behaviour issues.

 A full assessed member of the APDT UK (01248) and proud to be a member of the association's assessment team for other dog trainers looking to become members.

In Addition, an assessed full member of the IMDT.

As well as, a scent instructor for Scentwork Uk and UK College of Scent Dogs. Where I am also a tracking instructor.


Supporting your new journey.


Dedicating much of my spare time to attending dog training and behaviour seminars and workshops across the UK.

This enables me to keep his knowledge and skill set up to date. Allowing me to pass on this knowledge to you and help you through your problems.

See our blog articles for insights and training tips to help you understand and train your companions.


Dog Training is Fun for all those taking part whether they have two legs or four.

Live Together, Learn Together and Have Fun Together...

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