Border collie and owner training in field in Denmead

Dog Training design for you

Whether your dog is in their adolescent or adult stage of life. They’ve been with you all their life or a recent rescue.

With our training sessions. Your dog can learn new behaviours and ways to get through life. While you learn to understand their behaviour and way to use positive reinforcement training to both train and build your relationship with your dog.

Empower your dog to make positive choices helping them and you to live life to the full.

Learn new ways to completely train your dog, so you both can enjoy your time together at home and outdoors.

Spaniel in dog training class

Training for dogs of all ages and levels.

We offer a variety of training courses, workshops and one-off sessions.

1-2-1 Private Dog Training

Training tailored to both you and your dog.

Group Recall Courses

A short course designed to give you the skills to build a reliable recall.

Group Loose Lead Walking Courses

A short course designed to help you and your dog walk together when on lead.

Life-Skills Group Courses

Train and build your dog’s everyday life and social skills.

Individualised training and support

1-2-1 Private Training with your dog

The one to one dog training session’s are designed to give you the skills to teach your dog to perform basic behaviours on a cue. A common problem is we start to repeat cue words and eventually our signal for sit becomes “Sit Sit Sit”.

We will show you a technique that enables you to give a cue just once for each behaviour. Dynamic sessions designed around your needs and to suit your dog’s style of learning.

This flexible approach will enable both of you to enjoy the training and make good progress in each of the sessions.

That’s it! Well Done.

How do our dogs know when they have achieved our goal?

The first of these sessions will also introduce you and your dog to the marker training. You could use a word or a clicker. A clicker is a tool which is fantastic to aid dog training.

Dogs thrive on consistency.

When it comes to learning new things our voices tend to differ every time. These changes can lead to confusion in practice.

Even more so when more than one person it teaching the dog. The clicker when used by all the family and gives the dog a clear and consistent marker to help them understand their training.

We will show you how to introduce your marker word or clicker to your dog

Foundation 1-2-1 training sessions.

These dog training sessions build the foundations or can be for more advanced training. Without training often unwanted reactions such as jumping up, chasing, nipping, pulling on the lead can begin.

A well-trained dog with all the foundation training in place.

Has a better opportunity to understand the environment and be empowered to make good choices throughout their life.

When starting the foundations of any new behaviour training session whether it be a new trick or stay. Keep the three D’s (distance, duration and distractions) to a minimum.

Then when the foundations are in place, these can be added one at a time to increase the criteria required.

Building on the Foundations of Basic Dog Training.

Advanced dog training sessions are designed to build on the foundations of the initial training.

These sessions can also help you if you are involved in Agility, Flyball, Rally or Obedience and need help to solve a particular issue you are coming up against in your training.

Setting our dogs up for success.

Designed so you and your dog can succeed at each increment towards the desired behaviour level.

Individual dogs learn at different speeds; one dog may learn a sit-stay quickly but take longer to acquire a basic down whereas the next dog may be the opposite.

Things like breed and body shape can affect this, but there are always exceptions to every rule. Always best to take each dog as an individual.

Teach them in sessions designed to suit, making learning enjoyable and fun for both you and your dog.

Border Collie training off lead outdoors
Supporting changes

Meeting your dog’s needs and training them with positive reward methods

1-2-1 Training Sessions are fifty minutes and cost £50

Specialised courses

Group dog training courses


A four week course to begin and build on your dogs everyday skills. Looking at recall, loose lead walking, attention to you, sits, downs and other regular cued behaviours.

Recall Course

The recall is probably the one essential cue we ever teach to our dogs. It can save their lives! As well as avoid many difficult situations once learned.

Loose Lead Walking Course

A walk, when pulled around the pavements or park, is no fun for anyone including your dog. Being consistent is the real key to having a dog who will walk with you.

Life-Skills Course

Four fifty minute group classes building your dogs basic obedience behaviours

Loose Lead Walking Course

Two fifty minute group classes focussing on your dogs walking on lead.

Recall Course

Two fifty minute group classes focussing on your dogs abilty to come when called.