Border collie following scent trail outdoors

Scentwork Training

Scentwork Detection courses designed to teach the foundations to you and your dog. Designed for dogs with little to no formal training experience or to refresh and retrain an experienced dog.

Whether your dog is a puppy, adolescent or adult. They’ve been with you all their life or a recent rescue. With our dog scentwork training sessions. You both can all learn the enjoyment and enrichment of scentwork.

Benefits of engaging your dog’s sense of smell.

All forms of sport that engage your dog’s primary sense, their nose is excellent enrichment for them. Why not start your journey today?

Scentwork training in field with Golden Retriever puppy

Benefits of scentwork training for you and your dog

We offer a variety of training courses, workshops and one-off sessions.

Increases mental enrichment for dogs of all ages

Our dogs “see” their world through their nose!

Improves your dog’s self-control

Building their ability to concentrate and focus

Increases your dog’s confidence

Build their confidence to explore and engage with their environment

Builds trust with a newly adopted rescue dog

Creates opportunity for a dog to do what dogs do best

Builds resilience and optimism in your dog

Help your dog to work through problems to gain rewards

Builds a strong relationship between handler/dog as you work as a team

Building a working relationship built on trust and teamwork

Lowers likelihood of common behaviour issues by engaging your dog’s brain.

Giving your dog opportunity to use their energy proactively

We “see” the world. Our dogs “smell” the world.

What is Scent work?

What are detection dogs?

Detection dogs are used for scent work in many aspects of everyday life. Whether a working dog is with the police tracking a suspect, customs checking bags in an airport, military searching for mines.

More recently medical dogs are sniffing out cancer, covid and other conditions in people. All of these dogs are using their amazing sense of smell.

How sensitive are dogs noses?

A dogs nose is much more sensitive when compared to ours. We have around five million olfactory receptors in our noses whereas dogs have up to 300 million!

Add this to the percentage of the dog’s brain that is used to process scent is 40 times greater than ours. Where we see, our dog’s smell!

Is it possible for my dog?

We often start detection training without thinking about it. Playing fun games like find the treat. Did you teach your dog this one?

We are yet to come across a dog who cannot smell that crumb under the coffee table! Dog’s learn through experiences and the desire to hunt.

Is scentwork a sport?

Scentwork is now a popular dog sport in the UK. Scentwork UK for example, run trials all over the country.

Whether your looking for competition sport or an activity that is fun for both you and your dog.

Scentwork is for you!

Border collie finding scented item amongst toys
Building focus

Create team work and your dog’s ability to focus with Scentwork

Group Scentwork Foundation Course

Who can do Scent work?

In short, Anyone!

Any age or breed of dog

Scentwork as an activity is suitable for dogs of all ages. Any breed can learn and take part.

Enrich your dogs life

It is mental and physical enrichment for all dogs including those with spinal or joint issues.

Build confidence and trust

Sensitive, anxious and reactive dogs can quickly enjoy scentwork and start to relax.

All stages of development

Older dogs with limited physical energy and young bouncy dogs can all benefit from this mentally tiring yet self-rewarding exercise.

Puppy learning scent work at home

Scent work Foundations Course

Four forty minute group classes starting your journey into scent detection training.

Border Collie find item through detecting their scent

Intermediate Classes

Individual practice classes can be attended after completing the foundation course.