Scentwork UK Scent Detection Dog Foundation Course

Next Available Course | 3 July | Jubilee Hall - Waterlooville

Border Collie learning scent detection


Introduction into the fun world of Scent Detection. These classes are fantastic for dogs of all ages. Nose work is low impact mental enrichment for your dog and fun for you too.

It is great for shy dogs or those with sensitivities to grow in confidence and promotes impulse control.

Scent work is a popular dog sport and training activity throughout the country. Scentwork UK promotes the fun of nose work through trials allowing you to progress through the levels while having fun with your dog. 


We will learn to search different items and areas. Introducing the teamwork between handler and dog for successful searches.


Your dog will learn to locate and scent and indicate the find to you. Discover your detection style with your dog while working together and having fun. We will work towards level 1 of Scentwork UK syllabus.

Labrador learning scent detection
bernese mountain dog puppy for training

Next available Courses start 3rd July at Jubliee Hall, Waterlooville

Each class lasts 40 minutes, and we will help you to both teach and understand your dog.

We deliberately keep our classes small with up to 3 dog’s maximum per session, to create a most positive learning environment for all.

Your dog must be friendly towards people and dogs, if you have concerns about your dog's behaviour, please contact us before booking your place.

1840h Class Time Starting 3rd July


4 classes.

40 Minute class duration.

Classes on Friday 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th of July.

Places limited to three dog's per course.

1840h Class Time Starting 31st July


4 classes.

40 Minute class duration.

Classes on Friday 31st of July and, 7th, 14th and 21st August

Places limited to three dog's per course.

Covered in the Foundation Scent Detection Course

Handling Skills

Learn and teach your dog to start searching and when the search is completed. Understand how your handling affects your dog during the search. 

Search Skills

Learn how to introduce your dog to the fun world of scent detection. During the course, we will cover searching indoors, search patterns and various items. 

Active and Passive Indication

Learn the difference between indication types and how to train them. Start to train a passive indication for the future. 

Introduce Scent Discrimination

During the course, we will introduce our dog's to a scent. For the foundation course, we will be using clove. 

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Already started your scent detection training and would like to discuss joining one of our follow-on courses? Level 1&2 Scentwork Uk. Courses indoors at Jubilee hall, waterlooville and, outdoors at the Denmead Dog Gym.

Always here to help you. Call on 07578 191021 or fill in your details and we will contact you.