Puppy Training designed for you and your puppy

1-2-1 puppy training designed to help you understand your new family member. Giving them everything they need to help them grow into the best they can be.

If your dog is under 24 weeks old this is the training for you. Learn how your dog learns, understand their behaviours and avoid common mistakes.

Puppy Training designed to set you and your puppy up for success.

We offer a variety of training packages and one-off sessions. Below you'll find details for each.

Your Puppy is learning all the time, even when you think you’re not teaching.

When your new puppy arrives at home. Many things can develop quickly, and training starts the moment you collect your new family addition.

Our dogs are always learning whether it is something we want them to learn or not. Training begins when they arrive home with you; the breeder should have started this training for you.

With adequate preparation and knowledge, we can make our puppies transition towards adulthood as smooth as possible for everyone. Consistency on our part is the key to an enjoyable start to a new life together.

With a Puppy Home-Start, you will be heading towards success.

Home starts are there to help you get off on the right foot. We will give advice will on the basics of house training or puppy toilet training, how puppies learn, exercise and diet.

Another essential factor is getting your puppy used to everyday situations. Such as what to chew and when, being around children, getting used to periods of being alone without getting distressed and getting used to travelling in vehicles.


Starting to train your puppy

When they arrive home is also the time to begin their basic training of sits, downs, settle, hand touches, leaves.

Other exercises, like Loose lead walking and recall, also starts at this early stage. All training will be designed to suit both your dogs and your lifestyle and abilities.

Puppies are always learning

Your puppy is learning from you every moment they are with you, whether you think you are teaching or not.

We will help you learn how not to reinforce unwanted habits or behaviours and to be the consistent teacher your puppy needs you to be.

They grow up fast!

Very quickly a puppy moves into adolescence and starting the basic foundation puppy training early, is essential for all breeds. Your puppy is never too young to start their foundation training. We will help you grow into the best they can be and have fun while you're doing it.

Cost of Puppy Home-Start Session - £45


Puppy Training designed to help you both train and understand your dog's behaviour.

Our three and six-week courses are designed to help you understand your new family member.

You will learn how to train using kind and effective methods. Furthermore, you will gain an understanding of dog behaviour and the motivations behind it.

Cost of courses: Three-week course £95.50 or Six-week Course £170

What you will learn to teach your puppy

During the three week course, you will learn how to train and begin to teach:

  • Sit
  • Settle
  • Recall
  • Lay down
  • Focus on you
  • Door manners
  • Name recognition
  • 4 Paws on the floor
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Handling/Grooming
  • Impulse control/Manners

During the six-week course learn all of the above, plus:

  • Toy play
  • Stay/Wait
  • Visitor routines
  • Meet and Greets
  • Automatic Sits/Downs
  • Vet handling preparation
  • How to progress all of the training from the first three weeks

What you will learn about dog behaviour

  • How dogs learn
  • Being consistent
  • Dog body language
  • Socialising your puppy
  • Using rewards effectively in training
  • Avoiding common puppyhood mistakes
  • How to avoid creating resource guarding
  • Fading out using food or toys as a reward
  • Helping your puppy to be happy when home alone
  • Helping your puppy to understand you in all environments

The course is designed for both you and your puppy to understand each other. Help you start to create that special bond between human and dogs that we all love.


Live Together, Learn Together and have fun together

Puppy Socialisation is an essential part of growing up.

Socialisation is an essential part of a puppy's early education. Puppies like all young are not born with social skills or impulse control (self-control/manners).

Both of these and more need to be taught to the puppy at their own pace and in a positive way. What a puppy experiences during the first 16 weeks of like creates a blueprint of what’s normal.


What to do to help our puppies

By introducing puppies to new and novel items and situations in a way that your puppy is relaxed. Including but not limited to:

  • Humans- Women, Men and Children in all shapes and sizes.
  • Groups of Children
  • Other Puppies
  • other dogs
  • house noises - washing machine, vacuum cleaner, doorbell, letterbox etc.
  • Vehicles - travelling in and watching them move.

This shortlist is just a quick guide to some of the basics.

When to start

A good breeder will have ensured this has already begun. Once in their new home, it is down to you their new family to continue this vital phase.

There are critical life stages that puppies pass through as they head towards adolescence and adulthood. Putting in the work now and getting these stages correctly, will significantly help your puppy develop into a well rounded and confident adult dog.

Learn how and how not to socialise your puppy

In our Home-start and training courses, you will learn and understand how to socialise your puppy positively and effectively.

As a result, setting them up for success throughout their lives ahead.

Start your journey today!


Start your journey today!
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