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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see your questions below or would like further details. Don't hesitate to get in touch, we're here to help you.


What area's do you cover?

We offer training both in your home and outdoors. The area's we cover are Chichester, Emsworth, Fareham, Havant, Portsmouth, Waterlooville and their surrounding area's.

Indoor group classes are held in the Jubilee Hall, Crouch Lane, Waterlooville PO8 9SU

We also offer online consultations. If you are outside our normal area or would like to discuss a training issue. These are an ideal and economical solution.

How much does dog training cost?

Our 1-2-1 training sessions cost £30 per session and each session last for 50 minutes.

We also offer online appointments for training which cost £9.50 per session.

Behaviour modification sessions due to their more complex nature begin at £65 for the initial session.

All our prices for individual sessions or available packages are online for you, please see the Training, Behaviour, Puppy or Scentwork pages.

Which session or package should i book?

For Training of dogs over 24 weeks of age:

If you just need some advice on a specific problem then an online/phone session may suit you.

If you would like practical 1-2-1 guidance on training your dog. Either the one-off, three or six-session packages would be best. The packages allow for continued progression, with homework and practising between the sessions and support for your training goal.

If you specifically want to train or improve your recall or loose lead walking. Then the Recall or Walking courses would be for you.

More Info: Here


For Behaviour Problems and Modification you will need to book an Initial Session. More Info: Here


For Training puppies/dogs under 24 weeks of age:

If you need some advise or want to discuss a training issue. Then an online/phone session may suit you.

If you would like practical 1-2-1 training for your puppy and yourself. Either the Home-Start, Foundation or Life-Skills courses would be best. Depending on how far into your training you would like to go.

The courses are designed to give you continued progression, with homework and practising between each 1-2-1 session. They are great for setting both your puppy and yourself up for a happy life together.

More Info: Here


Do i need to buy anything for the session?

No, if any equipment is required for the session we will bring it with us. We may give recommendations on new or changes in equipment you currently use, but we won't spend your money for you, promise.

Although cannot promise you won't want to go shopping afterwards!

What equipment/methods do you use?
  • Flat Collars
  • Body Harnesses
  • Leads
  • Long Lines
  • Whistle
  • Food
  • Toys
  • Food
  • Clicker
  • Positive Reinforcement training
  • Non-Aversive Dog Training
What equipment/methods must not be used? (We will help you understand why not too)
  • Choke/Check Collar and Chain
  • Prong/Pinch Collar
  • Shock/Electric Collar
  • Spray Collar
  • Rattle Can/Training Disks
  • Spray Bottles
  • Alpha/Pack Leader based theories
  • Any adverse methods 
Can we speak with someone before booking?

Absolutely, ways to contact us are:

  • Use the Ask a question below and complete the enquiry form or use Facebook messenger
  • Use one of the enquiry forms at the bottom of the Dog Training, Behaviour Problems or Puppy Training pages
  • Call us on - 07578 191021
  • Email us on - training@positive4paws.co.uk

We look forward to talking with you.

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Booking FAQs

How do I book?

You can book online using our booking page or over the phone.

Head to our booking page for more information on booking online. 

When booking over the phone we will complete the booking with you. 

I need help with my dogs behaviour, do I have to book an Initial Behaviour Session?

In short Yes.

To enable us or anyone else to attempt to change your dog's behaviour ethically. A full understanding of why your dog is choosing to display unwanted behaviour(s) must be investigated first.

We want to be sure that you are making the right choice and we will be able to help you.

When booking the Initial Behaviour session online, your payment card will not be charged for the booking.

We will call you within 48 hours and discuss with you your current issues.

The options during the call will be:

  1. If the session is suitable for your needs, with your agreement, the payment will be processed and your booking secured.
  2. If your issue can be covered under general training we can adjust your booking accordingly.
  3. Lastly, we are not your best choice; we will cancel your booking for you and give recommendations possible routes for help.

The priority for us is that owners and their dogs get the best help, even if that is not ourselves. More Info: Here

When do i pay for training?

Payment for all sessions and packages except for Initial Behaviour sessions (see above) are due at time of booking.

Whether the booking takes place online or over the phone.

We accept most Debit and Credit Card.

What happens when i book an online session?

We run our online sessions via an encrypted cloud platform.  

At the time of booking, you will receive a URL/webpage link which you can use to enter the online meeting room.

Just before your appointed time click the link to enter the online room for our meeting. These sessions can be carried out through audio or video options at your choice. 

Do i have to create an account when booking?

Creating an account is optional, but we recommend it.

All your appointment or package details will be emailed to you at time of booking. This includes links for rescheduling

We recommend creating an account as it makes it easier if you need to reschedule or book again. Creating an account means you do not need to refill in all your details when booking.