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Reflexive Recallers - Recall Training Course

Next course starts on the 26th of July

Training a recall for a dog

Reliable Recall Training

Learn how to train a reliable recall with your dog. Understand your dog's behaviour and how to motivate them to return to you when called.

Training our dog's recall is the most important behaviours we can teach them. You will also learn common mistakes that affect recall and how to avoid them.

Training and Management

You will learn ways to manage the environment while we are training our dogs to set them up for success.

This course has two group classes. The first class is indoors at the Jubilee Hall in Waterlooville. The second class outdoors at the Dog Gym in Denmead.

Designed to help you start and progress your dog's reliable recall.

Recall Dog Traning Jack Russell
bernese mountain dog puppy for training

Next Course starts 26th July at the Jubliee Hall, Waterlooville

Each group class lasts 40 minutes, and we will help you to both teach and understand your dog.

We deliberately keep our classes small with up to 4 dog’s maximum per session, to create a most positive learning environment for all.

Your dog must be friendly towards people and dogs, if you have concerns about your dog's behaviour, please contact us before booking your place.

Your dog will need to have a fixed body harness for this course. We recommend the Perfect Fit by Dog Games or the Lori Stevens Balance Harness. If you're not sure if your current harness is suitable, please ask prior to the course.

Choose Your Course Time

Reflexive Recaller Course


2 x Group Classes

1st Class - Indoors

2nd Class - Outdoors

40 Minute class duration

Classes on Friday 26th July at 2020h & Saturday 3rd August at 1310h

Places limited to four dog's per course.

To book your place on this course. Click the Book Now button.

What's Covered in the Reliable Recall Course

Build your dog's focus

Learn and teach your dog Name Recognition, Automatic Focus, and Attention to you. Build on your bond with your dog.

Building the Foundations

Build your dog's motivation to return to you when called. Learn to read your dog's body language. Introduce your recall cue using fun games. Learn management skills to help consistent progress during training.

Progressing your Reliable Recall

Learn how to take your training out of the classroom and into the "real world". Discuss and understand common training mistakes when recall training. Build up the distractions and difficulty for your dog while setting them up to succeed.


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