Dog Training designed for you

Whether your dog is a puppy, adolescent or adult. They've been with you all their life or a recent rescue.

With our dog training sessions. They can all learn new behaviours and ways to get through everyday life. Empower your dog to make positive choices helping them and you to live life to the full.

1-2-1 Dog Training

1-2-1 dog training either at your home, local park or one of our venues. 

Group Training Class

Life-skills group training classes. For dog's over 24 weeks old.

Sensitive Soul Training

Training classes for dog's with reactive issues towards other dog's.

Training for dog's of all ages and levels.

We offer a variety of training packages and one-off sessions.

1-2-1 Private Training

Training methods
for building the foundations of success.

The one to one dog training session's are designed to give you the skills to teach your dog to perform basic behaviours on a cue.  A common problem is we start to repeat cue words and eventually our signal for sit becomes "Sit Sit Sit". 

We will show you a technique that enables you to give a cue just once for each behaviour. Dynamic sessions designed around your needs and to suit your dog's style of learning.

This flexible approach will enable both of you to enjoy the training and make good progress in each of the sessions. 

That's it! Well done.

How do our dogs know when they have achieved our goal?


The first of these sessions will also introduce you and your dog to the marker training. You could use a word or a clicker. A clicker is a tool which is fantastic to aid dog training.


Dogs thrive on consistency.


When it comes to learning new things our voices tend to differ every time. These changes can lead to confusion in practice. Even more so when more than one person it teaching the dog.


The clicker when used by all the family and gives the dog a clear and consistent marker to help them understand their training. We will show you how to introduce your marker word or clicker to your dog.


Foundation one 2 one training sessions.


These dog training sessions build the foundations or can be for more advanced training.


Without training often unwanted reactions such as jumping up, chasing, nipping, pulling on the lead can begin. A well-trained dog with all the foundation training in place.


Has a better opportunity to understand the environment and be empowered to make good choices throughout their life.

Building on the Foundations of Basic Dog Training.

Advanced dog training sessions are designed to build on the foundations of the initial training.


These sessions can also help you if you are involved in Agility, Flyball, Rally or Obedience and need help to solve a particular issue you are coming up against in your training.


When starting the foundations of any new behaviour training session whether it be a new trick or stay. Keep the three D's (distance, duration and distractions) to a minimum.


Then when the foundations are in place, these can be added one at a time to increase the criteria required.


Setting our dogs up for success.


Designed so you and your dog can succeed at each increment towards the desired behaviour level. Individual dogs learn at different speeds; one dog may learn a sit stay quickly but take longer to acquire a basic down whereas the next dog may be the opposite.


Things like breed and body shape can affect this, but there are always exceptions to every rule. Always best to take each dog as an individual.


Teach them in sessions designed to suit, making learning enjoyable and fun for both you and your dog.   

Building a solid Recall!

Training your dog's Recall

The recall is probably the one essential cue we ever teach to our dogs. It can save their lives! As well as avoid many difficult situations once learned. 


As with all dog training, consistency and building strong foundations are is the key to success. Then slowly adding distractions and criteria are critical elements to successful behaviour. Often clients say "My dog doesn't understand my calling them back" when in reality their dog does know what it means.


It means "I will run to my owner and get put on a lead or even shouted at because I was slow". It ends all of their fun from being off lead and investigating the world!

During the Recall course.

We show you how to turn around your dog's idea of what the recall is. Changing it from "if I run back to my owner, the fun ends" to "if I run back to my owner, it is fun"

— Training Recall through a successful series of games and progression. You will learn how to teach your dog that returning when called is FUN.


What equipment for training our dogs to recall


While the training is ongoing. A body harness and a long line are great tools for management. During the session’s you are welcome to use ours. We recommend any owner to have a harness for their dog.


Harness’s take all the pressure off of the neck area. During the first session of the course, we will discuss management methods. If you would like to purchase a harness before starting, we are happy to suggest which style to choose.

My dog's are too young or old?

Dogs of all ages puppies, adolescent and adult dogs can be taught a reliable recall to enrich their lives. Using fun training methods, you will learn how to build a reliable recall and will also strengthen the bond between you and your dog. 


 As the course progresses, we will be there to support you and your dog succeed. We recommend 30 minutes of training a day to get the best out of the recall course. With the training games, we use it is easy to fit your dog's training into everyday life. No matter how busy your day is.


Being able to recall our dog is essential.


We believe that a dog without a solid recall should not be off lead in a public area for their safety and everyone else's. It is also our belief that every dog should be taught a reliable recall from the earliest age possible. Therefore, enabling every dog to run free, when in an appropriate environment.


What bigger reward can we give to our dogs? Our recall course is designed to suit dogs of any age or background whether your dog has just arrived with you or lived with you for years. They are a young puppy or an older dog, we here to help you achieve success.

Loose Lead Walking

Teaching Loose Lead walking with your dog.

  • Is training your dog to walk nicely on a loose lead proving difficult?
  • Are your arms sore after every walk?
  • Are your outings getting shorter as they become less enjoyable?

Our loose lead walking course is for you.

A walk, when pulled around the pavements or park, is no fun for anyone including your dog. In principle, teaching a dog to walk on a lead is simple.

However, the reality can be somewhat different. Using proven methods, we will show you how to train your dog to walk with a loose lead.

Being consistent is the real key to having a dog who will walk with you. Walking without pulling you, so both of you are starting to enjoy those walks together again.

Why do our dogs pulling on the lead?

Dogs get rewarded for pulling on the lead all the time, pulling their handler to a grass verge to sniff. How about pulling to get to that small crumb of food?


Or the biggie dragging us all the way to the park, then being let off to run and play.


What a fantastic behaviour this pulling on the lead is! You will be shown some skills to avoid reinforcing or promoting the pulling on the lead.



You will learn during the loose lead walking course


These very same life rewards can be used to teach and promote walking on a loose lead. We will show you how to train your dog walking on a loose lead works.


With practice and consistency, these techniques will help your dog to relax on their walks with you too.


During the training process, we can help them to learn by putting in management to reduce significantly the number of chances they get to rewarded for pulling.


While at the same time we pay the behaviour we do want to promote.

What Equipment for walking our dogs?

We recommend any owner have a body harness for their dog. During the sessions, you are welcome to use ours. Harness’s take all the pressure off of the neck area.


During the first session, we will discuss management methods. If you would like to purchase a harness before starting, we are happy to suggest which style to choose.


Training Methods used


Using empowering dog training methods that not only teach your dog to walk nicely but also promote the special relationship between you and your dog.


Start to enjoy those lovely long walks in the great outdoors with your companion, with a new understanding and mutual respect.


Enjoy going out with your dog again, it one of the best parts of sharing our life’s with our dogs.

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Services and Prices

1-2-1 Dog Training Sessions and Courses


1-2-1 Training

You can choose from training in your home, out in your local park or at one of our venues. The training sessions focus on behaviour issues such as recall, loose lead walking, jumping up, lack of focus, and other behaviour issues that do not include signs of aggression or anxiety.

Learn to both train and understand your dog. All our dog training is relationship building and focuses on building both your dog’s ability and their confidence in you and the world around them.

These sessions can be booked either as one-off sessions or in a package of three or six sessions. Each home/outdoor session is fifty minutes in duration and costs £40 per session or £108 for Three-session and £192 for Six-session packages. 

You can also choose from either a 1-2-1 Recall or Loose Lead Walking course, which are three-session courses focussing on improving each specific behaviour.


Group Dog Training Classes

We offer a variety of group training classes throughout the year. These courses include:

Life-Skills for Adolescent, Adult and Rescue dogs.

Life-Skills for dogs over the age of 24 weeks at the time of course starting. This course is focussed on introducing training and building on existing behaviours.

The practical dog training sessions include Recall, Loose Lead Walking, Focus on Handler, Grooming/Handling and more. This course contains four practical classes and 180-day access to the eLearning course content.

Available in two levels which are the foundation and intermediate courses. The courses are limited to four dog/handler teams per course. Creating a relaxed learning environment for everyone.

Each course is four forty five minute classes with online and in-person courses available. Costs are £60 for online and £75 for the in-person version.

Scentwork Foundations and beyond.

Scent detection course for both foundation and intermediate levels. Learn the fun and fascinating world of your dog's ability to use their nose.

Scentwork is fantastic enrichment for your dog and is addictive! We follow the Scentwork UK format, which has trials running at multi-levels around the whole of the UK.

The follow-on courses give opportunities to progress your dog’s training in scent detection and your handling skills. Each course is changed to suit the individual dogs in their group. Learning together in a fun and relaxed environment.

Each course is four forty-minute classes and costs £55 per dog/handler team.

Sensitive Soul – Reactive Dog Classes.

The Sensitive Soul group course is specifically designed to help dog’s that struggle with other dog’s being around. The focus of these courses is to increase confidence and new behaviour skills.

Enabling each dog to relax and refer to the handler when they perceive an issue. Building your relationship with your dog and the communication between you.

Foundation courses are limited to two suitably matched dog/handler teams. You will need to have had either an initial behaviour session or Intake session at the venue before being accepted to join a course.

All courses are run in a secure outdoor venue, where everyone can start to relax and learn.

Each course is three forty-minute classes and costs £60 per dog/handler team.

Recall Sessions

A group session, focussing on training and improving your dog’s recall. Building on your relationship and value in the outside world.

The recall should be fun behaviour your dog loves to do. During these sessions, you will learn how to train as well as how to avoid common mistakes. There are three levels of sessions and you can attend each as many times as you would like to support your training.

Each session is a forty-minute class and costs £20 per dog/handler team.

Loose Lead walking Sessions

A group session focussed on training and improving your walking on-lead skills with your dog.

As well as, learning how to train your dog not to pull on his lead. You will learn how to avoid common training mistakes that affect your loose lead walking. There are two levels of sessions which can be attended as many times as you would like to support your training.

Each session is a forty-minute class and costs £20 per dog/handler team.

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