Puppy Foundation Training Course

4 Classes | Live Online Training | Cost £50

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Who is the course designed for?
  • Puppies who have not completed their vaccinations
  • Puppies aged between 8 to 12 weeks old
What is in the course?
  • Four group Live zoom classes
  • 24/7 Online Course Support
  • Understanding how you puppy learns.
  • Meeting their developing needs
  • Beginning foundations of their training

What you will learn in your Foundations course?

Understanding your new family member

Your puppy starts learning from you from the moment you pick them up. Early stages of development are very important for our puppies as they grow into adolescent and adult dogs.

It is essential to set them up for success through understanding how they learn and how to manage the environment to enable them to show wanted behaviour choices.

Early stage training

Begin training your puppy basic behaviours and understand how your puppy see’s and understands their world. Engaging in positive reward training methods to promote the desired behaviour choices in all situations.

Manners and impulse control

Learn how to read your puppy’s body language and what motivates those unwanted behaviour. Learn managment and training skills to train your puppy to control themselves.

Avoid common puppy mistakes

As well as discussing their development. We will also discuss and practice ways to avoid common mistakes made during puppyhood and adolescents.

Raise your questions

Each week we will set aside time for you to discuss any issues you have had over the week between classes. You’ll also be able to contact us between classes if you need support or fast answers.

Course Cost £50

Happy Clients

Iain was able to provide great puppy training over zoom and we used the strategies he showed us straight away to train our puppy. The training was informative and all for the benefit of our puppy, who is has benefited immensely from his the training course.

Kathleen and Jack

Very friendly and extremely informative. In a short time, Iain helped us understand a few areas where we were going wrong.

Chris and Lemmy

Foundation Training classes are for puppies between 8 to 12 weeks old

Next available course starts on Wednesday the 1st of June

Supporting your puppies early training

  • Building strong foundations to support their training right through to adulthood
  • Understand and train your puppy using positive reward training
  • Build their ability to chose wanted behaviour in their day to day life
  • Set them up for success

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my puppy need their vaccinations completed first?

No! The course is held over the live ZOOM sessions online for this reason. There is no need to wait for your puppy to complete their vaccinations and miss out on this important time in their development.

What do I need for the course?

During the course you will need your puppy to have a flat collar, body harness (if you have one), standard lead, Treats – high and low value, their favourite tug toy and their grooming equipment.

Are the handouts to help between the live classes?

The course also includes access to our home study platform. You can recap everything discussed in each class. As well as gain further insights into understanding your new family member.

I’ve never used ZOOM before, can I practice?

We are happy to arrange a zoom meeting with you to enable you to practice using the system. Let’s us know and we will help you get connected.