Recall Course

2 Group Classes | Outdoor Training Venue | Cost £40

More about the Recall Course

Who is the course designed for?
  • For dogs of all ages
  • For dogs restarting their training
  • For owners wanting to focus on Recall training.
What is in the course?
  • Two fifty minute group classes
  • Maximum of four dogs each course
  • In-person training at our outdoor venue in Denmead
  • 24/7 Online course support
  • Handling Skills
  • Using appropriate equipment for recall
  • Working with distractions
  • Having fun together

What you will learn in your Recall Training?

Building the foundations

Build your dog’s motivation to return to you when called. Learn to read your dog’s body language. Introduce your recall cue using fun games and advanced recall training. Learn management skills to help consistent progress during training.

Reliable Recall Training

Learn how to train your dog to come when called every time. Understand your dog’s behaviour and how to motivate them to return to you when called.

Rock Solid behaviour

Training our dog’s recall is the most important behaviours we can teach them. You will also learn common mistakes that affect recall and how to avoid them..

Management while Training

You will learn ways to manage the environment while we are training our dogs to set them up for success. Designed to help you start and progress your dog’s reliable recall. You will also learn the benefits of recall training with long lead.

Build your dog’s Focus

Learn and teach your dog Name Recognition, Automatic Focus, and Attention to you. Build on your bond with your dog.

Progressing your Reliable Recall

Discuss and understand common training mistakes when recall training. Build up the distractions and difficulty for your dog while setting them up to succeed..

Course Cost £40

Success Story

“Thank you so much for this morning, after many weeks of feeling stressed not knowing how to get Chase to listen to us again we came away feeling very hopeful that we will be able to get him listening to us again”

Sarah and Chase

Recall Training classes are for all dogs any age

Next available course starts on Friday the 26th of June

Start your new training together
  • Build your dog’s ability to return when called and improve your dogs recall
  • Gain their attention when distracted
  • Build your bond with your dog
  • Learn new skills and management to create successful training

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need?

Your dog will need to have a fixed body harness for this course. We recommend the Perfect Fit by Dog Games or the Lori Stevens Balance Harness. If you have your own long line bring it with you too.

If you’re not sure if your current harness is suitable, please ask prior to the course.

Are there class handouts to help when I get home?

We’ve gone one step further for you. We have an online course for Recall training including videos.

You will have 180 day access from the start of your course. As well as access to bonus content.

What if it rains?

We will train in most weathers. However, if there is a weather warning ahead of class and it could become dangerous to train due to storm conditions. The class will be rescheduled.