Life-Skills Dog Training Classes in Denmead

4 Group Classes | Outdoor Training Venue | Cost £60

More about the Life-Skills Course

Who is the course designed for?
  • For dogs over the age of 20 wks
  • Adult Dogs
  • Adolescent Dogs
  • Rescue Dogs
What is in the course?
  • Four fifty minute group dog training classes
  • Maximum of four dogs each course
  • In-person training at our outdoor venue in Denmead
  • 24/7 Online course support
  • Handling Skills
  • Using appropriate equipment
  • Understanding your dogs body language
  • Marker Training
  • Building your relationship
  • Increasing your dogs skills
  • Having fun together

What you will learn in your Life-Skills Course

Building the foundations

During the dog training classes we will start training our Recall, Loose Lead Walking, Attention to Name, Automatic Focus, Hand touch, Play, Sit, Down, Handling/Grooming, Leave It, Door/Gate manners and more.

Preventing Behaviour Issues

We will discuss how to read our dog’s body language. As well as, how to avoid common issues such as resource guarding, separation-related issues and visitor programs.

Understanding how your dog sees their world

Learning how to understand the motivations behind your dogs behaviour and new skills how to support creating new consistent behaviour choices.

Understanding and using up to date dog training methods

Covering aspects of modern dog training and giving you insight on how to create clear communication with your dog and build that special bond.

Build your dog’s Focus

Build both your skills to work together in more distacting environments. Group dog training classes give an excellent opportunity to practice around other people and dogs.

Course Cost £60

Success Story

“Was a very relaxed atmosphere during each session. We found having the online content as a back-up, really useful between classes. Thank you, Iain, for supporting us.”

Chris, Sarah and Dotty

Life-Skills Dog Training classes are for all dogs over 20 wks old

Next available course starts on Sunday the 12th of June

Start your new journey together

  • Build the bond and communication between you and your dog
  • Train and progress your dog’s skills and abilities
  • Increase your understanding of your dog and their needs
  • Increase your dog’s understanding of you and your world

Frequently Asked Questions

Give your training and bond with your dog a new lease of life.

The course is designed to build the foundations of your dog’s recall, loose lead walking, handling and other commonly used behaviours.

What do I need to bring to class?

Your dog needs to be on their flat collar/body harness and lead. Lots of tasty treats and your dogs favourite toy.

Are there class handouts to help when I get home?

We’ve gone one step further for you. We have an online course for Loose lead training including videos.

You will have 180 day access from the start of your course. As well as access to bonus content.

How many dogs on each Life-Skills Course?

The training classes will have a maximum of four dogs to create a relaxed and fun learning environment for both you and your dog.

Where do the training classes take place?

The dog training classes are run at our outdoor training venue in Denmead, Hampshire. Please remember to wear suitable clothing and footwear for the weather.

What if it rains?

We will train in most weathers. However, if there is a weather warning ahead of class and it could become dangerous to train due to storm conditions. The class will be rescheduled.