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MY STORY I’m Iain Sneddon

I am passionate about helping owners and their dogs understand each other. Promoting non-aversive training methods. I am committed to continued learning. Constantly attending both training and behaviour workshops and seminars with the world-leading specialists.  


Dog Training and Behaviour

I work with dog's and their companions. Assisting all types of training and behaviour issues. Offering 1-2-1 practical sessions, as well as online video or phone consultations. Focusing on helping both ends of the lead to understand each other's needs and behaviour.

A full assessed member of the APDT UK (01248). Also, proud to be a member of the association's assessment team for new members. Full assessed member of the IMDT-Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. Registered animal training instructor with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council. 

When training is carried out correctly it is fun for all. Whether they have two or four legs. Promoting that special bond between human and dog, we all love.

"Live Together, Learn Together and have fun together"

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