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Next available courses begin on the 11th of July

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The Sensitive Soul Reactive Dog Classes are designed to help your dog learn new behaviour choices in a controlled environment. Building their social skills and confidence.

These classes are for dogs who bark, lunge, growl, spin or show other behaviour displays when they see other dogs when on or off the lead. 

Secure outdoor training venue in Denmead Hampshire

The classes will have between two to four dogs depending on the course level. 

Each week there will be practical demonstrations and you will get the opportunity to practice real-life skills for both training and managing your reactive dog.

During your class, the only dogs and people on-site will be your class members. 

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Reactive dog classes in Hampshire to help dog relax outdoors

Sensitive Soul
Reactive Dog Classes

  • Learn lead and long-line handling skills
  • Learn to read your dog's body language
  • Learn management skills for everyday life
  • Train your dog new behaviour options
  • Increase your dog's social skills
  • Decrease your dog's anxiety and stress

Next Courses with spaces starts on the 11th of July

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Reactive Dog Classes in Denmead, Hampshire


Book your FREE 15-minute phone/online discussion to discuss if these reactive dog classes are the best option for you and your companion.

Step Two - Course Induction or 1-2-1 Training/Behaviour Session

During your discovery discussion together, we will decide the best way forward for you. If your dog is ready for the course, you will book an Intake session at the venue, which is a 1-2-1 session to prepare for the course.


Alternatively, if we need to give your dog support to prepare them to become suitable to attend a course. This pre-course training will either be an Initial Behaviour session and 1-2-1 training or 1-2-1 training. Our goal is to support you and your dog to a new understanding and enable your transition away from stressful reactive behaviour.

Step Three - Join a Suitable Course

Once you are both ready. Join a suitable level course of classes.

Each course is three individual classes on a weekly basis. 

Classes run on Saturdays between 1100h and 1400h. Each class is for forty minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many 1-2-1 sessions will I need before joining a course?

This depends on the level of reactive behaviour your dog is currently displaying. We set all dog's up to succeed at every stage of their training. 

The minimum will be one intake session prior to joining a reactive dog class course. During this initial session, we can discuss your dog's current needs and create a suitable plan for their individual development.

How much do the course's cost?

Each course consists of three forty-minute classes and costs £60 per course.

Do I need anything for Classes?

During the FREE initial session, we will discuss with you what you will need during the course.

Most of all you will need a suitable body harness for your dog. We recommend either Perfect Fit by Dog Games or The Lori Stevens Balance Harness. However, any fixed body harness could be suitable.

We have long-lines for use during the class but you may wish to have one for when you are practising between classes.

I cannot make every class on the course, is this ok?

The Reactive dog class course is made up of three classes. The course requires your attendance every week and it is crucial to your dog's development not to miss any of the lessons.

Will a course teach my dog to be sociable with other dogs?

No. Reactive dogs cannot suddenly be sociable with all dogs. The skills you both learn during classes help you to understand and teach your dog not to react. 

Classes are all about you and your dog learning new skills. Over time and with consistent training. These new skills and behaviour options will gradually increase your dog's ability and social skills.

Both you and your dog will feel less anxious and more relaxed when out on walks.

How quickly will I see my dog's behaviour change?

This is very dependant on factors such as how long the reactive behaviours have been going on for, the level of reactive behaviour, and whether does or does not have any canine friends currently.

Can children come to the course?

No sorry. Due to the nature of the classes and with safety in mind for all. Children can not attend the classes.

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